Introduction to

Paul Elliott

Hello, I am Paul Elliott.

I have two great interests Mathematics, and Software Development, and helping people understand, and solve problems relating to the same.

Although for many years I was a software developer, only helping family and friends with mathematical problems and homework as requested, I now return to mathematics my first great interest. I am becoming a mathematics tu
tor and/or instructor.

I was a software developer with an interest in C++, LINUX and a variety of other software oriented topics.

My videos are on my you tube channel.

I have written a tabbed X11 text file lister  using Gtkmm, gnu C++, X11 and Linux.

I have given a number of presentations to Austin Linux Group:

I have written a simple OS/2 text file lister using IBM's Open Class library.

I have ported a TCP/IP Socket++ Library to OS/2.

I have also written a OS/2 device driver for a simple hardware Random Number Generator.

If you want, you can read my resume.

Here is a poem for you to read.

Cult of Free Inquiry

I am also trying to establish the Cult of Free Inquiry


I am also interested in philosophy. My favorite philosopher is  David Hume. His Dialogs Concerning Natural Religion is a masterpiece of philosophical literature.

I have written an essay on how Bertrand Russell discovered the Russell Paradox.

Can You Identify this Quercus?

This oak was planted by a squirrel. I want to get it identified. It will be a massive oak someday.