The Value of Art.

Why The Cult of Free Inquiry needs to be established. 
 A Commentary has been written on the principles listed above. 
The Bulk of the Wealth of Humanity is intangible, informational, and cultural.
The value of  Art.
The Cult of Free Inquiry declares war on social relativism
The Cult of Free Inquiry is fanatically tolerant
The end point of  decadence.
"In your opinion" is not a refutation.
The Cult of Free Inquiry endorses strong, unescrowed, encryption
How you can  help the Cult of Free Inquiry.
You may already be an adherent of the Cult of Free Inquiry.
The value of art is expressed by the following poem, attributed to Christoph Kuffner.  Fantasy for Piano, Choir and Orchestra C minor op.80 of Beethoven uses the text as its lyrics. Beethoven's work exhibits the value of art directly, but this media is not suited to its reproduction. 

MIDI Original Introduction to Choral Fantasia, op. 80  by Mark S. Zimmer. Found on  Unheard Beethoven 
Schmeichelnd hold und lieblich klingen 
unsere Lebens Harmonien, 
und dem Schönheitssinn entschwingen 
Blumen sich, die ewig blühn. 
Fried' und Freude gleiten freundlich 
wie der Wellen Wechselspiel; 
was sich drängte rauh und feindlich, 
ordnet sich zu Hochgefühl. 
Wenn der Töne Zauber walten, 
und des Wortes Weihe spricht, 
muß sich Herrliches gestalten, 
Nacht und Stürme werden Licht. 
Äuß're Ruhe inn're Wonne 
herrschen für den Glücklichen. 
Doch der Künste Frühlingssonne 
läßt aus beiden Licht enstehn. 
Großes, das ins Herz gedrungen, 
blüht dann neu und Schönempor, 
Hat ein Geist sich aufgeschwungen, 
hallt ihm stets ein Geisterchor. 
Nehmt denn hin, ihr schönen Seelen, 
froh die Gaben, schöner Kunst. 
Wenn sich Lieb' und Kraft vermählen, 
lohnt dem Menschen Götter-Gunst. 
Enticingly fair and lonely 
sound the harmonies of our life, 
and from a sense of beauty arise 
flowers that bloom for ever. 
Peace and joy flow hand in hand 
like the changing play of the waves 
what was crowded together in chaos and 
now shapes itself into exalted feeling. 
When music's enchantment reigns 
and poetry's consecration speaks, 
wondrous things take shape 
night and storm change to light 
Outer peace, inner bliss 
are the rulers of the happy man. 
But the spring sun of the arts 
causes light to flow from both. 
Great things that have penetrated the heart 
blossom anew and beautifully on high, 
and the spirit that has soared up 
is always echoed by a chorus of spirits. 
Take them, then, you noble souls, 
gladly, these gifts of noble art. 
When love and strength are wedded together 
mankind is rewarded with divine grace. 

Great is Truth, and none who are sincere need fear Her.

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