Why the Cult of Free Inquiry Needs to be Established.

Why The Cult of Free Inquiry needs to be established. 
 A Commentary has been written on the principles listed above. 
The Bulk of the Wealth of Humanity is intangible, informational, and cultural.
The value of  Art.
The Cult of Free Inquiry declares war on social relativism
The Cult of Free Inquiry is fanatically tolerant
The end point of  decadence.
"In your opinion" is not a refutation.
The Cult of Free Inquiry endorses strong, unescrowed, encryption
How you can  help the Cult of Free Inquiry.
You may already be an adherent of the Cult of Free Inquiry.
The other day I was watching some politician or preacher or something babble on and on about "absolute values". Well, the values that he was promoting were not such that I could agree with. But he caused me to ask myself the question: "Are there any absolute values that I could adhere to?" It turns out that there is one. Truth is an absolute value. 

It is difficult to have such values when we are living in an age when people are enslaved primarily by deception, and only secondarily by force. The Age of Fraud and deceit. At the same time, we live in a bottom line, instant gratification age, where no one will listen to any argument that can not be compressed into a sound-byte. Few seem to be willing to consider the refutation of a complex lie, especially if the lie is comforting. No civilization can continue to exist if all important decisions are based on sound-bytes! 

This leads me to the conclusion that we need a religion or religious tendency whose primary first principle is the value of the discovery and spread of truth. The ideal of free inquiry needs to be defended with zeal. We need the Cult of Free Inquiry! 

I do not consider myself competent to establish the Cult of Free Inquiry. The author of such a cult would have to be a highly persuasive and articulate individual. However, if somebody does not try it, it will never happen. Perhaps if the cult could somehow be started going, an articulate spokesperson will come aboard later! Thus, I have decided to take an hack at it. 

To this end, I have prepared two documents: 

The first is my first attempt at the principles of such a cult. The second is my personal commentary on the first document. 

Great is Truth, and none who are sincere need fear Her.

Cult of Free Inquiry Draft Fundamental Principles
  • Representations of truth and beauty have value.
  • The creation and spread of such representations does take place in social context. Common decency is needed to provide a favorable social context. However, unsound social justifications of false assertions should not be accepted as truth.
  • Peaceful discussion and debate between different, even contradictory points of view has often resulted in an advance in knowledge. Suppression of unwanted assertions has often hampered the advance of knowledge. Declarative questions must not be solved by an appeal to force.
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