The Bulk of the Wealth of Humanity is Intangible, Informational, and Cultural.

Why The Cult of Free Inquiry needs to be established. 
 A Commentary has been written on the principles listed above. 
The Bulk of the Wealth of Humanity is intangible, informational, and cultural.
The value of  Art.
The Cult of Free Inquiry declares war on social relativism
The Cult of Free Inquiry is fanatically tolerant
The end point of  decadence.
"In your opinion" is not a refutation.
The Cult of Free Inquiry endorses strong, unescrowed, encryption
How you can  help the Cult of Free Inquiry.
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Let us do a thought experiment. Suppose that all pharmaceutical equipment, factories, and plant suddenly, mysteriously disappeared. How long do you think it would be before humanity rebuilt and pharmaceutical production returned to normal? 

Now suppose that all knowledge of pharmaceutical production were removed from all printed material, computers, and the memories of human beings. How long before humanity re-discovered how to use the existing pharmaceutical equipment and production returned to normal? 

This experiment suggests that human knowledge of pharmaceutical production, is more valuable than its' pharmaceutical equipment. 

Or let us do the following thought experiment. Let us instantly move all of modern humanity back to the pre-civilization Earth. Simultaneously, we will move pre-civilization anatomically modern humans into our modern cities and farms. Which group will fare better? Does anyone doubt that civilized humans would soon set to work building all the modern equipment and infrastructure necessary for a modern comfortable life? Or that the untrained pre-civilization humans will allow everything to fall into disuse and disrepair as the buildings slowly collapse? 

Both experiments show the value of knowledge over physical factors. 

By all accounts of pre civilization history, modern humans, with modern intelligence potentials existed for well over hundreds of thousands of years before any kind of civilization developed. Now the life time of individual intelligence in a human being is 125 years max. Under harsh pre-civilization conditions, this would be more like 25 years. It follows that individual intelligence is not the sole cause of the development of civilization. Instances of individual intelligence have too short a lifetime to be the cause of civilization, without some way to make the effects of intelligence in an individual lifetime cumulative. This accumulation of the results of intelligence over time is called culture. 

So, culture is the reason that we chase the tiger, rather than having the tiger chase us. 

In this age of the internet, the Library of Congress can move between continents in minutes. But there is a portion of our culture that must be absorbed by the individual in order for the rest of the culture to be of any use. You can have libraries on mathematics at your fingertips, and still not be able to solve a simple quadratic equation. You can live next door to the Library of Congress and still not be able to write a clear paragraph. Every parent that has helped a child with home work knows what an enormous effort is required to absorb the basics of our culture. That familiarity must renew itself in every generation. And the willingness to make that effort is also cultural. It propagates itself from parent to child in families. 

This is why all attempts to redistribute wealth always have been, and always will be a total failure. This has been ignored by our enlightened social engineers. 

Could culture also be the reason that some countries are a bloodbath of racial and ethnic strife and others are not? 


Information and Culture define who we are. 

Our technical culture makes us masters of the planet. 

Our artistic culture gives us the opportunity to confront our spirit. 

Our social culture may help us make deals that allow us to live and let live in mutual cooperation. 

Our wealth is informational and cultural. Our culture must be understood and protected. 

Great is Truth, and none who are sincere need fear Her.

Cult of Free Inquiry Draft Fundamental Principles
  • Representations of truth and beauty have value.
  • The creation and spread of such representations does take place in social context. Common decency is needed to provide a favorable social context. However, unsound social justifications of false assertions should not be accepted as truth.
  • Peaceful discussion and debate between different, even contradictory points of view has often resulted in an advance in knowledge. Suppression of unwanted assertions has often hampered the advance of knowledge. Declarative questions must not be solved by an appeal to force.
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