The Cult of Free Inquiry is fanatically tolerant.

Why The Cult of Free Inquiry needs to be established. 
 A Commentary has been written on the principles listed above. 
The Bulk of the Wealth of Humanity is intangible, informational, and cultural.
The value of  Art.
The Cult of Free Inquiry declares war on social relativism
The Cult of Free Inquiry is fanatically tolerant
The end point of  decadence.
"In your opinion" is not a refutation.
The Cult of Free Inquiry endorses strong, unescrowed, encryption
How you can  help the Cult of Free Inquiry.
You may already be an adherent of the Cult of Free Inquiry.

 What is Tolerance?

Tolerance is not the view that all ideas are equal. Nor is it the view that ideas associated with various cultures are equal. It does not consist of never saying anything that might offend someone. 

The above "multicultural" view of tolerance destroys the human ability to discover truth, by denying that such a thing as truth could exist. Truth is usually offensive to someone. Questionable ideas should be subjected to scrutiny. False ideas should be criticized without mercy and without regard to cultural origins. 

Tolerance is allowing others the freedom to be wrong! Tolerance is refraining from using force to settle disputes over ideas. 

Tolerance is not inconsistent with zealous advocacy. 

What is fanatic tolerance?

Fanatic tolerance is the policy of allowing all advocates with standing, a full and fair hearing of their views. This is done so that those views that are based on fact and strong arguments may establish their truth. Also, so that those positions, that are unsound, may be exposed as the frauds and errors that they are! 

Fanatic tolerance is an aggressively dynamic process that tends to confirm fact and expose fraud and error. It is the policy of the Cult of Free Inquiry to practice fanatic tolerance. 

False tolerance versus fanatic tolerance.

False tolerance seeks to protect feelings, so that no one is disturbed. Fanatic tolerance tries to protect the human potential to find truth in the midst of controversy. 

Cult of Free Inquiry to zealously advocate advancement of truth and culture.

As true tolerance is not inconsistent with zeal, the cult can pursue its ideals with single minded vigor. "Fanatic tolerance" is not an oxymoron. Neither is "Cult of Free Inquiry". Such zealotry is desperately needed, if this civilization's  decadent downward spiral is to be checked.

Great is Truth, and none who are sincere need fear Her.

Cult of Free Inquiry Draft Fundamental Principles
  • Representations of truth and beauty have value.
  • The creation and spread of such representations does take place in social context. Common decency is needed to provide a favorable social context. However, unsound social justifications of false assertions should not be accepted as truth.
  • Peaceful discussion and debate between different, even contradictory points of view has often resulted in an advance in knowledge. Suppression of unwanted assertions has often hampered the advance of knowledge. Declarative questions must not be solved by an appeal to force.
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