The Cult of Free Inquiry endorses strong unescrowed cryptography.

Why The Cult of Free Inquiry needs to be established. 
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The Bulk of the Wealth of Humanity is intangible, informational, and cultural.
The value of  Art.
The Cult of Free Inquiry declares war on social relativism
The Cult of Free Inquiry is fanatically tolerant
The end point of  decadence.
"In your opinion" is not a refutation.
The Cult of Free Inquiry endorses strong, unescrowed, encryption
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Often, before publishing a work, an author will submit it to trusted reviewers for private criticism. This review process protects the author from mistakes which could otherwise destroy his reputation. 

If this private review process could not take place, many authors would be reluctant to publish. 

Thus we see that paradoxically, the preliminary restriction of information to a few, during the review process, actually makes publication to a wider audience possible. This requires privacy. 

Also those in search of private personal truth often do not want that truth published to the whole world. We can seek help in the search for personal truth, by privately communicating with those we trust. Thus, we see again that privacy aids the search for truth. 

Privacy is part of the civilized atmosphere that makes the search for truth possible. 

In order to create such an atmosphere, everyone should use what technical means are available to secure privacy whenever possible. 

Adherents of the Cult of Free Inquiry should make it part of their religious practice to secure the privacy of their private communications wherever possible. 

To this end, strong, unescrowed, encryption should be used. All private communications should be secured, even nonsensitive ones, so that sensitive communications are not subjected to enhanced scrutiny. This requirement flows from the second draft fundamental principle of the cult

Great is Truth, and none who are sincere need fear Her.

Cult of Free Inquiry Draft Fundamental Principles
  • Representations of truth and beauty have value.
  • The creation and spread of such representations does take place in social context. Common decency is needed to provide a favorable social context. However, unsound social justifications of false assertions should not be accepted as truth.
  • Peaceful discussion and debate between different, even contradictory points of view has often resulted in an advance in knowledge. Suppression of unwanted assertions has often hampered the advance of knowledge. Declarative questions must not be solved by an appeal to force.